vrijdag 25 juli 2014

'Not idly do the Leaves of Lorien fall'

My favorite movie and book are the Lord of the Rings series. I think the best parts are the ones with the Elves in it. I love the ambiance and feel of their world. My favorite scenes in the book took place in the forest of Lothlorien. I loved how Tolkien described the big mallorn trees with their silvery, golden leaves. That's why I was a quite disappointed to see the leaves of Lorien in the movie. It was nothing like the leaves of my imagination! They were not shimmery and beautiful enough. I also didn't like the broches that much. That's why I created my own Leaves of Lorien collection now! 

The Leaves are made of silver wire and have crystals on the inside. The left one is made with moss agate and the right one with golden tourmaline quartz, the one below is made with carneole. They can be worn like a pendant. I will be creating more Leaves for the collection, pendants as well as earrings and maybe broches, available @ www.aardekracht.marktplaza.nl!

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